Not the sort of cricket match that Brooksie would approve of. Definitely more Buttler than Boycott, particularly when the opposition batted. At least Dushy played properly. His dour 13 off 57 balls formed a base from which the middle order could expand, Aseem and Herro joining forces at 59-3 and just over half the overs remaining.
Aseem  was quick to point out that his 32 puts him top run scorer for the season. Jurgo and Stinger followed him with brief cameos, far too entertaining for Brooksie’s liking. And, to top it all, Herro kept hitting boundaries with a brisk 57* off 63 balls, Park finishing 166-8.
Then the abomination. The Phoenix opener gave Park an interesting lesson in shot selection: “If it’s short … whack it”, “If it’s full … whack it”, “if it’s a Yorker … yup, still whack it”. Granted, quite a lot of the whacks were not entirely controlled but, with yellow a popular colour for headgear, it didn’t really matter. Mikey and Curly suffered the most. Judging by his choice of car Curly isn’t too fussed about economy figures, so I think he was probably still quite cheerful (couldn’t be sure though cos most of the time he had his back to me running after the ball).
Phoenix had 78-0 on the board at near 10 an over yet Park knew that if catches were held it was still game on. Sir Isaac obliged at mid-on from his brother’s bowling. Not the big hitter quite yet though; he was to be Jamo’s but 35 runs on.
Stinger still had fight. His two wickets in an over followed by Herro bowling the remaining top order bat kept Park hoping at 137-5. Ludgate threatened too but there was to be just a consolation wicket for Herro with the scores already tied and it was early to pub for the Park.
Tip of the day (sponsored by Tesco Blue Stripe): If you want a middle-and-leg guard when Dushy is umpiring ask for “One and a half”